We offer the opportunity to manage all your communications in one place with a single point of contact and save mone. We call this arm of our business ATS Voice.

Why use ATS Voice?

  • Rationalisation – make sure that you are only paying for circuits/lines that you are using.
  • Save – avail of low call costs or low cost bundles
  • Service – benefit from the same level of service that you experience with the support of your telephone system
  • Call charge information can be accessed via our web based portal giving you complete control over call analysis. Detailed analysis and filtering tools allow you to view which calls were the longest or the most expensive or which numbers are most frequently dialled. You can export reports, view them in a graphical format and set parameters to prevent and restrict certain calls.
  • In addition to pre-set reports, you can create tailored e-alerts to proactively notify you when calls go beyond customer set parameters. This means you can proactively manage and control call costs and make effective strategic communications decisions.
  • Our fraud management service protects our customers from unauthorised calls on their account.

Connectivity includes;

  • SIP Trunks – no longer a new technology. BT in the UK have announced a firm date to discontinue providing traditional voice circuits like ISDN and analogue. Their stated goal is that by 2025 all their business customers will be on IP.
    SIP trunks are provided at lower rental charges than other standard analogue (PSTN) or digital (ISDN) telephone lines plus have the added benefit of greatly reduced call charges and free calls between company sites.As SIP numbers are attached to IP addresses, they have no geographic restrictions and can be routed to any location where an IP connection is available.
    This means that if a business needs to relocate, or for business continuity in the event of fire, flood, etc, the published number can be transferred seamlessly without loss of service.SIP trunks require a stable data circuit – talk to us and see if you qualify.
  • Calls and Lines – We can adopt your existing telephone lines immediately. As part of that cut over we will perform a line audit to make sure that you are only paying for lines that are being used. We offer very competitive calls rates and we ensure that our offering is easy to understand – we offer low per minute gimmick free tariffs.

Or if you want a regular monthly billing amount we also offer simple all in bundle packages – your choice. Both are very easy to understand. And you can change. Without penalty. That’s worth repeating – you are not locked into something that you are unsure of for a 24 or 36 month period.


Internet access

Internet access is critical, no matter what your business is. Whether it’s a reliable cost effective service for remote/home workers, business grade for a branch office or a dedicated service for your head office.

We offer a wide range of business network connectivity services including;